Experiences Are the New Must-Have Amenity

In San Diego’s increasingly competitive residential market, where developments are trying all sorts of attention-grabbing tactics to stand out, it only makes sense that amenities should evolve too.

The team at Alexan ALX full-heartedly believes that it’s no longer enough for developments to offer the bare minimum in terms of “perks” which usually includes one common area, a fitness room, and maybe an outdoor space. With over eleven amazing amenity spaces, Alexan ALX is dedicated to giving every resident a high-end, perk-packed living experience that’s sure to make anyone’s apartment living dreams a reality. But wait, there’s more to this experience equation…


Alexan ALX also wants to make sure that our passion for community is reflected in what we offer to our current and future residents. What does this mean? As we connect and collaborate with local businesses and influential groups in downtown San Diego, we also want to make sure that those relationships are tied into the exclusive events, workshops and ventures that we will be hosting for our residents. And we’re also encouraging our residents to host their own, coordinated events as well, whether it’s a special experience for a cause that’s important to them, or just a light-hearted get-together. This all ties into an ideal our team has about building residences AND communities.

The Alexan ALX team is excited for our residents to get involved in what we’re doing and to watch their beautiful journeys and living experiences unfold. We’re not afraid to try new things and are looking forward to creating a “playlist of experiences,” including anything from film screenings, cooking classes, fitness boot camps, craft workshops, brunch gatherings, and the list goes on! Our team will work hard to incorporate local flavor into all of our curated resident experiences, not just because it’s important to us, but because we also know it’s important to you.

You are not just investing in an apartment, you’re investing into your lifestyle. Are you ready to make the move? If you have questions regarding residential or retail inquiries, please contact us by clicking here. If you have a press inquiry or are interested in marketing collaborations, please contact our new media representative at info@alxliving.com.